Bailey working on sidelines of the 2022 College Football National Championship

Georgia Football

I worked as a student worker for Georgia Football from Fall 2018 through May 2022 serving in many different capacities for the creative team. Joining as a graphic designer where I initially constructed recruiting graphics and helped run recruiting photoshoots, I transitioned to a more video-centric role during my second season with the team. Storytelling through video was and still is my passion, so I was estatic to have the opportunity to step into this new role. Additionally, the year plus experience I gained learning graphic design principles and photo manipulation technique made me a much stronger editor. For the rest of my time at Georgia Football, I learned how to best convey stories around the football program – everything from the high-octane environment of a top 10 matchup to the beautiful morning tailgates crowded with passionate fans.

This was undoubtedly a fantastic experience that fueled my passion and launched my career into a creative industry, not to mention the fantastic people and mentors I interacted with daily. Below are several projects that are my personal favorites and showcase some of my best work during my time with Georgia Football.

working on sidelines of the 2022 College Football National Championship

Top Projects

Behind The G thumbnail

Behind The G

A behind the scenes look at how college football is made at the championship level.

Thumbnail from the 2021 Cinematic Georgia Football Reel

2021 Cinematic Reel

This is my 2021 Georgia Football reel showcasing my best shots paired with the narrations I helped write over the season.

Compilation of thumbnails from the 2021 Georgia Football season of game trailers

2021 Season Game Trailers

A weekly series of game trailers I helped create for our biggest regular season games in our 2021 championship season.

A Georgia Football 2021 National Championship Ring

Championship Ring

A personal product shoot of the championship ring received a few months after the championship game played in Indianopolis.


Other Projects