Emerging Media Workshop

JRMC 7014 • Fall 2022

Emerging Media Workshop provided a space and time for building out our team's Emerging Media capstone project, Georgia On Your Mind. With periodic checkpoints, we were given direction and guidance as we built out our product. Assignments such as our Project Brief, Alpha Presentation, and Beta Presentation gave us clear timelines and deliverables to develop alongside those assets we worked on in Emerging Media Strategy. The culmination of all our work throughout this semester is compiled into the Beta Presentation which was presented during the Fall 2022 NMIXpo.

Key Deliverables

Project Brief

The Project Brief was our first assignment and a very important one. Within this document, my team outlines our goals and purpose of building Georgia On Your Mind. Since this assignment, we've come a long way in the evolution of our branding and naming, so this document may have older versions of what our project is now. Regardless, this was an important first step towards developing our capstone project.

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Alpha Presentation

The Alpha Presentation gave us a chance to share our progress halfway through the semester. By this point, we've started to nail down our styling and began our interview process. In this presentation, we shared our process of finding guests, interviewing, transcribing, and editing. We also shared the start of our supplementary website that will host content surrounding each episode.

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Beta Presentation

The Beta Presentation marks the official halfway point in our capstone project. Delivered at the end of the fall semester at the Fall 2022 NMIXpo, this presentation allowed us to share the progress we made since our Alpha in October. Since then, we've interviewed more guests, refined our recording and post-production processes, and developed our User Expierence Research Plan (UX-RP) in Emerging Media Strategy. These are the key elements that are featured in the Beta Presentation.

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Capstone Journey

Along with the Beta Presentation, our team had another final deliverable for the semester. We were tasked with writing a Medium article summarizing our project, our progress so far this semester, and what we've learned along the way.

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