Emerging Media Strategy

JRMC 7013 • Fall 2022

Emerging Media Strategy focused heavily on user research and designing with the end user in mind. Studying topics like human centered design and research metrics, this course pushed me to critically think about the ways a product can interact with people- intentionally and unintentionally. Many of the projects and assignments from this course contributed to aspects to my group's capstone project, Georgia On Your Mind, a podcast exploring the relationships between the state of Georgia and the University of Georgia. These projects involved user research, design principles, and tool building for future user testing.

Key Deliverables

Preliminary User Research

One of our first tasks was to conduct some exploratory research for our podcast project. We needed to find out what potential listeners are already listening to, what their podcasting preferences were, and how likely they were to engage with an educational podcast about the University of Georgia's impact on the state of Georgia. This presentation summarizes our findings.

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Design System

Our next project was to build a complete design system for the capstone project. We set off to create an extensive document that outline branding guidelines that included visual style, tone, voice, and more. This document serves as an important resource as we continue to build out the product and content surrounding the podcast.

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User Experience Research Plan

Our final project was our User Experience Research Plan (UX-RP). This document outlines our plan towards researching and gauging the user experience of our project's website and podcast. Because we have two distinct components (website + podcast), we laid out a two-fold plan to gather data on both aspects. Using the surveys and tools created in this document, we'll use the next semester to gather data into a user report document.

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