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Emerging Media Masters

Emerging Media Masters

The Emerging Media Masters is the New Media Institute's post-graduate program that focuses on the intersection of technology and design. Heavily drawing upon the courses taught in the certificate, the masters program features a project-based curriculum with a presentation of the capstone project at its conclusion. The capstone project may be of 3 categories: Product Development, Applied Technical or Design Research Publications, or Client-Based Solutions. My capstone project is a Client-Based Solution, where I work within a team of 3 to create a brand new podcast, Georgia On Your Mind. Using guidance learned from the courses below, we will work to build new branding, develop promototion, and, of course, produce podcast episodes.

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Emerging Media Workshop

JRMC 7014 • Fall 2022

Emerging Media Workshop provided a space and time for building out our team's Emerging Media capstone project, Georgia On Your Mind. With periodic checkpoints, we were given direction and guidance as we built out our product.

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Emerging Media Strategy

JRMC 7013 • Fall 2022

Emerging Media Strategy focused heavily on user research and designing with the end user in mind. Studying topics like human centered design and research metrics, this course pushed me to critically think about the ways a product can interact with people- intentionally and unintentionally.

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Project Management

JRMC 7011e • Summer 2022

JRMC 7011 introduced the methods and techniques of the mysterious field of ~project management~. Differrent modes of management such as Agile and subtopics were explored. This course also dived into the mechanics of a 5 day Sprint. At the end of this course, we embarked on our ultimate EM capstone project, Georgia Greatness.

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Digital Customer Experience Design

JRMC 7010e • May 2022

JRMC 7010 analyzed the world of design through a perspective of the customer's experience. Emphasizing the end user's experience with a product influences much of the design of the product from early planning stages to execution of the final product.


Double Dawg Courses

There are several courses that count towards the Emerging Media currciulum, but were taken during my undergrad. UGA's Double Dawg program allowed me to take these graduate-level courses before graduating with my bachelor's. These courses counted towards both the New Media Certificate and Emerging Media curriculum.

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Advance New Media Production

NMIX 7110 • Fall 2019

This course dived into the techniques and technologies of advanced web development. We explored technologies such as jQuery and the Vue JS framework. Assignments often centered around calling APIs, interpreting data, and displaying that data.

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New Media Design

NMIX 6111e • Summer 2019

New Media Design explored the topics, trends, and techniques of modern web design, including composition, typography, and color theory basics. These skills were used to create interactive prototypes of brands using Adobe XD and other tools.