Cover artwork for Georgia On Your Mind podcast featuring a peach with headphones

Georgia On Your Mind


Role: Creative Director

The Georgia On Your Mind podcast, produced by the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia, is a series that explores the intertwined relationship between the state of Georgia and its flagship university. With a focus on areas where the state excels, such as sports tourism, film production, entrepreneurship, marine research, music business, and agriculture, each episode delves into how the university has contributed to the success of these industries. The podcast aims to bring a fresh perspective to educational topics and connect listeners over their shared love of the Peach State and the university that supports it. By utilizing the virtual storytelling platform of podcasting, the series offers easily digestible pieces that can be consumed anywhere and at any time, with the potential to reach a wider audience.

As the creative director of this project, I had a heavy hand in the production of the podcast, setting up equipment, capturing behind the scenes content, and editing the audio. Working with my teammates, Erin and Berkeley, we also worked to design a visual theme that was consistent and had ties with the Peach State.

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Key Deliverables

Initial Project Brief

The Project Brief was our first assignment and a very important one. Within this document, my team outlines our goals and purpose of building Georgia On Your Mind. Since this assignment, we've come a long way in the evolution of our branding and naming, so this document may have older versions of what our project is now. Regardless, this was an important first step towards developing our capstone project.

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Design System

Our next project was to build a complete design system for the capstone project. We set off to create an extensive document that outline branding guidelines that included visual style, tone, voice, and more. This document serves as an important resource as we continue to build out the product and content surrounding the podcast.

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