Title card for the puzzling postmortem short film

A Puzzling Postmortem Trailer

June, 2022

Role: Editor

When Jackson Mulkey asked me to help with his short film in the summer of 2022, I was excited. Editing trailers has always been a favorite kind of project of mine. I went to work after Jackson had wrapped his shoot, shifting through 7 hours of raw footage and organizing clips. I was able to not only piece together important visuals but also sound bites from the from the script that teased the main conflict of the film without revealing what happens in the film. Additoinally, I created an end title card with After Effects that called back to the cylindrical lockbox used in the film.

Once I finished the final cut, Jackson took the sequence into Davinci Resolve to color the footage the same he had with the entire short before publishing.

Trailer editor: Bailey Pelletier
Director/Color: Jackson Mulkey
Cinematographer: Daniel Salyers