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New Media Certificate

New Media Certificate

I am pursuing the New Media Certificate through the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia. The New Media Institute provides courses and opportunities for students to explore and learn how to manipulate new technologies and designs in this modern world. Some of the courses offered through the certifcate include iOS development, web development, and graphic design. Below, you can find more information and portfolios of work I have done from each course I have taken so far. To find more information on the certificate and the institute, check out the NMI website.

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New Media Capstone

NMIX 4510 • Spring 2021

This course is the culmination of all the previous courses taken up to this point. Using the skills taught in previous classes, I worked with a team to develop a web application for a client regarding domestic violence.

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Digital Brown Bag

NMIX 4220/4221 • Spring 2020

This course focused on life lessons and guest lectures in multiple career fields. Aimed at prepping college students for the "real world," topics such as credit scores, health insurance, and retirement were discussed. Guest speakers offered insight & advice as to how to succeed in the world with the tools available today, such as LinkedIn.

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Rich Media Production

NMIX 4310 • Spring 2019

Within this course, we explored XCode and Swift 4 to build simple iOS apps. Rich Media Production introduced these two tools as well as the concepts involved in developing mobile applications for iPhones.


Double Dawg Courses

There are several courses that count towards the Emerging Media currciulum, but were taken during my undergrad. UGA's Double Dawg program allowed me to take these graduate-level courses before graduating with my bachelor's. These courses counted towards both the New Media Certificate and Emerging Media curriculum.

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Advance New Media Production

NMIX 7110 • Fall 2019

This course dived into the techniques and technologies of advanced web development. We explored technologies such as jQuery and the Vue JS framework. Assignments often centered around calling APIs, interpreting data, and displaying that data.

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New Media Design

NMIX 6111e • Summer 2019

New Media Design explored the topics, trends, and techniques of modern web design, including composition, typography, and color theory basics. These skills were used to create interactive prototypes of brands using Adobe XD and other tools.