Project Management

JRMC 7011e • Summer 2022

The project management course is one of the first introductory courses you take once you start the Emerging Media masters. It presents a range of approaches to project management techniques and methods that are used in the modern design and development industry. The primary form of project management we first looked at was Agile, but as a class, we explored several variations of Agile project management such as Crystal. Additionally, we spent a significant portion of the class learning about the 5 day Sprint - going from ideation to functioning prototype within a single work week. Finally, we formed our groups for the EM capstone project, which would last until the program's end next May. The last several weeks were spent ideating, researching, and preparing to fully start these projects for the fall term. My group was tasked with creating a new podcast for a client. Titled 'Georgia Greatness', the podcast aims to highlight the partnerships between the state of Georgia and the Univeristy of Georgia.

Over these few months, I learned a lot about managing a team and project through these different methods. This course is instrumental in setting up the next term of the EM masters.

Key Deliverables

Agile - Crystal

One of our first presentations for the course included an overview of the Crystal method, a subset of Agile that prioritizes team communication above everything.

View Agile Presentation


A larger group project, the 5 day Sprint was actually spread over a few weeks. The result is the FigJam board as well as a simple prototype of a mobile app that acted as a central key for one's apartment and apartment amenities.

View Sprint

Georgia Greatness Podcast

As our of our last major assignments for this course, our group was tasked with creating a new podcast, Georgia Greatness, that highlights the partnerships between the state of Georgia and the University of Georgia. This involved researching those partnerships and compiling a list of potential contacts. Additionally, we produced a short trailer for the podcast, dipping our toes into some early production. Preview the trailer below.

View Partnership Research